Owl Ring Bearer

Wow your guests with something completely different on your wedding day. Why not have Molly our beautiful barn owl fly your wedding rings down the aisle to the Best Man or the Groom or whoever you choose! Guaranteed to make the guests go oooh and aaah as Molly swoops down between them and lands gracefully on a white glove bearing the rings attached to a white silk ribbon. No one will ever forget your wedding day!

Photograph by :  http://www.suelloyd-weddings.co.uk

Molly flying the rings down the aisle to the Best Man at the Holiday Inn, Bromsgrove

Afterwards Molly will be available for photographs.

Ring on a Wing

Molly with newly weds Claire & Alex


Guest holding Molly

Click here for our dedicated website ‘Ring on a Wing’ Barn Owl Ring Bearer

Wedding Day Package

We also provide a ‘Wedding Day Package’ which comprises of Molly as ring bearer, a static falconry display and flying display (dependent on location and weather), to entertain your guests.

Proposal of Marriage

You can’t get any more romantic than a beautiful barn owl with it’s heart shaped face delivering an engagement ring as a proposal of marriage to the one you love.

Imagine the scene, a romantic meal for two, as you go down on one knee you slip on a white falconry glove and Molly swoops onto it bearing a sparkling engagement ring. How could anyone refuse after such a spectacular proposal of marriage!

Should you require any more information on the above please do not hesitate to contact us.

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