Kurtis – Kestrel

This is Kurtis our male Kestrel. He was hatched in May 2008 and we purchased him in June 2009. Unfortunately, he was in a poor state as his previous owner, due to lack of knowledge, had kept him in inadequate accommodation.

As we were so concerned for his health we took him home and two days later Steve had to tube feed him with critical care, which saved his life. We were extremely relieved at how quickly he recovered, although his feathers and cere still looked a mess. It took at least a year, during which time he molted his feathers and his cere healed, and now he’s a very handsome kestrel! Although he’s the smallest of our birds he is very feisty and tries to bite everyone he meets but we love him anyway as he is very special to us.

Kestrels are part of the falcon family and they are the only bird of prey that truly hovers. They also have a unique way of hunting, as they are able to see near ultraviolet light, allowing them to detect the urine trails around rodent burrows as they shine in an ultraviolet colour in the sunlight.

Kurtis the Kestrel

Kurtis the Kestrel


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  1. Tara says:

    Kurtis was super cute thank you for the experience!

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