Flocks of pigeons typically congregate on buildings and this may result in a build up of droppings. These create hazardous walking surfaces, particularly in wet weather. Droppings may also contaminate foodstuffs and other products. Nest materials and other debris collected by the birds may block rainwater drainage systems and can encourage infestations of insects and mites. There is also a human disease risk from direct contact with the birds.

If you have a population of feral pigeons but are unable to use proofing methods such as netting and spiking we use a Harris Hawk as a method of bird control making the area undesirable to the pigeons and encouraging them to establish a new pattern of behaviour in another area.

Unlike devices be it audio or mechanical Pigeons never habituate to the presence of a hawk, used as a natural deterrent

In some instances we would use a hawk in conjunction with netting and spiking.

We also carry out pigeon culling.

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