Moles can become major pests as they destroy lawns, golf courses, sports pitches and  parks with unsightly burrows and earth mounds, also destroying the root systems of many plants whilst creating their underground travel lanes.  The molehills cause hazards underfoot on sports pitches, school playing fields, paddocks, fields and lawns, having  frequently caused broken or sprained limbs on humans, horses and domestic animals.


Moles are fast prolific diggers, being able to achieve a rate of 12 to 15 feet per hour, and build an extensive network of tunnels.  Moles dig elaborate tunnel systems and have feeding runways just beneath the grass, with the ridge being elevated and easily visible. The tunnel system will have many yards of travelling tunnels within several inches of the ground surface.  Each year a mole can give birth to one litter of up to six young. Gestation is very short, only lasting for five weeks, and litters are produced any time from mid-April through to June.

Should you be experiencing problems with moles please contact us for a site survey and quotation; Call: 07891792564.

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