Calling all Photographers

We’re no photography experts, but we know some people who are…

You may have spotted that we’ve teamed up with the folks from Dimension Wildlife Photography, and we’re now looking for some budding snappers to help us with some stunning images.

Our plan is to pull together some stunning photographs for our website and sales materials, but we can’t do it alone- it’s pretty difficult photographing a great horned owl as it’s flying towards you focusing the camera and clicking the shutter button all at the same time.

That’s why we’re partnering with Dimension Wildlife Photography, and that’s where you come in…

Our plan is this:
Starting on January 3rd (2012), interested and keen photographers book themselves onto one of the DWP one day courses here-

You take some stunning shots with your camera, under expert supervision, with us both flying the birds and static.

Then, over the next 3 months, we’ll be asking you to upload your shots to somewhere like flickr , picasa or photobucket, and email us the link to your album so we can have a look. Then we’ll choose what we think are the best ones, ask you to send us your original high-resolution files, and get them printed into posters, mouse mats, fridge magnets, t-shirts, mugs etc, sell them via our online shop and give you a pre-agreed commission for every one sold as a ‘thank you’ for giving us your permission to use your images (you retain copyright of course).

In addition to this, the photographer who takes the one image we choose as ‘outstanding’ will be invited to take one of our 3-day falconry courses for 2 people (lunches included) with us (value £550) as a prize for your hard work (date subject to availability).

This offer will run between January 3rd and March 31st (2012). This will give us chance to get all the products printed up, ready for sale via our on-line shop (currently under construction) in our busy Spring season.

So all you keen photographers, what are you waiting for… hop along to the booking site, get yourselves enrolled on the photography course, take some great shots, earn yourselves some money, and take part in our prizewinning competition.

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