“Manning” Henry (Harris Hawk)

A vital initial part of training a harris hawk is ‘mannng’.
This is where the bird gets used to his surroundings, and slowly gets introduced to the environment he’ll be working in, learning how to cope with the everyday noises, experiences and happenings that we (humans) take for granted.
Part of Henry’s role will be to sit calmly on his perch during static displays, so visitors can photograph, point, talk and get close to our fenced-off area (without touching the birds).
Typically, visitors will have cameras (some with flashes), dogs on leads, small children and the possibility of passing vehicles.
There is also the ambient noises around him that will catch his attention- the background noises from other birds etc, and the noises and actions of our other birds of prey of course.
Right now, all of these experiences are new to Henry, and part of the manning process is introducing him to them all, in a controlled environment.
You can see how alert he is, soaking up all the new information around him, taking it all in his stride, and learning that this new experience is a perfectly safe environment for him.

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